Picnic in Monteriggioni

Our “partner in crime” Siena Hostel is proud to present : Picnic in Monteriggioni!


As one of main, most popular activities SienaHostel offers during summer is organized picnic next to the fortress of Monteriggioni. Creators of this amazing idea were volunteers of the Hostel, creative workawayers that spent their time realizing creative ideas while learning about Siena and its heritage.


Idea originally came from our experience as travelers and backpackers that spend a lot of time in hostels aroud the world so we knew what kind of vibe and activities we prefer. Idea is to put people from the hostel together, especially solo travelers, make them socialize and provide them new experience in Siena countryside whilst watching the Tuscan sun falls asleep.


Bonding over food, wine and amazing scenery is a perfect, most simpliest way for traveler to experience one of the best moments of their lives. While famous Tuscan sun falls into the hills and leaves the orange and pink marks across the sky, travelers from all over the world, lying on the blankets, surrounded by olive trees share their recent adventures, future plans, building thier backpacker’s puzzle, making it that more special¬† and appriciate being present and alive. Right then and there.

“Sunset chasing” picnic is happening every other day and hopefully will become a tradition of SienaHostel and it includes transport, wines(winery Montechairo), cheese, salami, fruits, tomatoes, outstanding views and making new bonds and friendship among travelers.

What more?

Come, join the chase


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