Peach cake

Fruit cake is a MUST dessert during the summer in Tuscany!

tumblr_ou7ak6IoZZ1uigrzao1_1280 (2)

Besides splendid taste of fruitness and freshness of this cake, there are two more reasons why you should try and make it on your own. First, it will cost you not more than 5 euros, and second, it’s super easy to make. Plus, if you are not fan of peaches, guess what? You can put what ever fruit your heart and stomach desire.

Enjoy the taste of Tuscan sun!


You will need:

-180mg of sugar

-2 eggs

-250mg of farina

-little spoon of baking powder

-100ml of milk

-85ml of sunflower oil

-5 pieces of peaches


Mix sugar and eggs until sugar comletaly melts into the eggs. Then add ingredients by order, with mixing all the time- farina, baking powder, milk and oil, until you get an even mixture.  At the end put sliced peaches on top of it, and be creative with decoration, In our case, inspiration was Tuscan golden sunset, but, maybe if your sunsets are red-ish, so you can give it a try with pomegranate.

Preheat your oven on 200 degrees celsius, and let it bake for more or less- 1 hour, until it gets a golden colour (black is too far-no discrimination).

Make an Instagram worthy pic, sneak a bite and serve it with gelato or some white wine, wine not?


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