Monte Chiaro – Terre Della Grigia

Have a unique experience colored in gold and burgundy in winery of Montechiaro


Monte Chiaro is an estate located 10 km away from Siena, and get this, it is on the hillside which overlooks the full Siena skyline. It occupies almost 160 ha of land with more than 10 covered in vineyards and olive trees.  Whole region grew into 17th century village that surrounded family villa of Bianchi Bandinelli and later Griccioli family. Village is now refurnished and farmhouses are renovated with special care of preservation of old wooden ceilings and tiled floors.



Villa of Monte Chiaro is an 17th old family house mentioned above, that is an imposing building painted by  Renaissance Italian painter Romagnoli. Villa rises at the top of the hill having a panoramic view of Siena surroundings from its big garden of flowers, veggies and lemon trees and hosts a rich vine tasting tours in their basement. House and winery owners are Griccioli family with Alessandro Griccioli, young sommelier and entrepreneur who specialised in wine business and combined agriculture with business culture in countryside.


Tour is guided by their professional staff who knows what they are doing, in our case that was a lovely French girl from Bordeaux named Clarisa that took us through slow, nostalgic afternoon tour through buildings and barrels of the winery. After we went through actual process of making that red and white poetry we easily pour in our glasses, we tried five different wines, every stronger than the one before, learning how to feel our wine first through nose than through mouth.

Personally, I fell in love with the white wine (Arteliquida) which had a strong, golden colour I’ve never seen before. It felt fresh and just enough fruity, something like what would summer taste and look like in the glass. All those aromas, accompanied with bruschetta covered with fresh olive oil and slices of cheese, made my senses go wild.


We all got out of the room with smile on our faces and mind rolling up and down the sunny hills. Icall that a well spent day.

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