If wine is a bottled poetry, the Chianti, then, is a home of the Nobelists.


Region of Chianti is the heart and soul of Tuscany and motherland of best Italian wines. Area spreads across and in between Provinces of Siena and Florence, and, usually, wine produced close to any of this cities is usually called Chianti Sienese or Florentine. Funny, how in the period between Middle ages and Renaissance this area was more used as a battlefield, mostly between Sienese and Florentines armies, whilst in the present time locals rather use their spears to tie up vineyard against it than to disarm the opponent.

Region, now, offers beautiful, postcard and Instagram worthy landscapes with villas and castles spread across Tuscan sunny hills. Besides outstanding views there is some extra air around the area, since it’s extra windy and therefore perfect suited for growing grapes and olives trees that are visible all around.


Big part of rustic villas and houses of Tuscany nobles are rearranged into vine cellars and guests houses where you can stay or take part of wine tasting and wine producing tours. Houses from all over 17th or 18th centuries are usually preserved in their original form with being redecorated just as much as it’s necessary to provide you with modern hospitable experience but, still, with saving the noble spirit of Tuscany.

One of the places that offers this kind of experience in the old family house in authentic old basement with fruit garden overlooking Siena skyline and old stable house in their yard is Villa of Alessandro Griccioli in Monte Chiaro.


To get there is also quite an experience, since you’ll be traveling ancient Roman roads that crisscrossed this territory long time ago. On your way you’ll be enjoying the views of vineyards across the yellow fields which grapes you can taste in various forms in villas.

If you don’t own a car or don’t want to pay for taxi you can ask for shuttle service running from Hostel Guidoriccio in Siena with local staff that will make your experience even better.

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