Losing your way as the best way to discover the city

Not all those who wander are lost, says the poem from Lord of the rings, and comes as a perfect plan for discovering a new city, especially Siena. Siena is a medieval city with many little, narrow streets that are seamlessly pouring one into another and it is pretty often and easy to lose your way around, which gives a special charm of discovering the city. Since the city is small and cozy losing your track can’t last too long and after finding your way back, you will probably deliberately make a wrong turn again.20272175_1354459404669461_1527986959_n

You’ll notice that while walking through hilly, stone paved streets time runs differentely in different neighborhoods, like in the ones closer to Piazza Del Campo-wide,  crooked square in the center of the city, being more touristic, time usually flies while you are making your way through people, bikes, vespas and being blinded by various colors of souvenirs and gellatos around. While, going just one or more streets further into different Contradas out of central area(which takes only 5 minutes) you’ll discover how time streches long and thin around small green windows, tied bikes and sheets hanging on down the old yellow buildings. Here and there you’ll be able to see some figure of the animal whose name each Contrada carries and worships, and slowly you’ll get hooked, finding yourself in an unusual quest for more hidden figures and trying to understand its meaning. Quickly you will find your walk to be a realtime treasure hunt with randomly bumping into different fountains, squares and churches, realizing that Siena, although a small town, is made from smaller parts and neighborhoods that seem and act as single but connected units.


IMG_7148Every now and then you’ll find the spot from which you can see roofs and domes of biggest churches or towers above the buildings that from the distance look like a brown and green medieval lego made on the cliff. One thing is certain, if you find yourself feeling hungry at any point – just look around and you’ll bump into restaurant with few wooden tables sitting on the streets, surrounded by musty smell of the stone buildings and as soon as you sit down you’ll have your various bruschetti, cheese and wines ready to be served.


Any day you get a chance to sit on the street of Tuscan city, with wine in your hand and smell of garlic bread in your nostrils consider it a hell of a good day.

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