Living Siena is a platform made by enthusiasts and fans of Tuscan and Italian spirit and most of all Siena lifestyle connected through Siena Hostel. This page is made to show you our love to all the places and stories that wander around Siena ready to be discovered and brought back to life for locals to remember and passengers to learn.

Same as it is the heart of Tuscany, Siena takes a special place in our hearts and we feel it’s our duty to, in this way, share and perserve stories that made us feel more local and less tourist more we „lived and breathe“ this place. Siena is an experience opened to all who are eager to learn, live and love.

Enjoy our site and feel more than welcome to send us your love letters to Siena, we will pass it to HER in very short notice 😉

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Siena living

South of Siena
Grapes from Chianti area
Torre del Mangia or “Tower of the Eater” is the second tallest tower in Italy(102 meters) and it is situated in the center of Siena
Enjoy your favourite gelato at Piazza Del Campo
Or plate of prosciutto with Chianti wine in one of the autenthic Siena restaurants



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