Created by a nomad that found her home in Siena.

Living Siena is a platform made by enthusiast and fan of Tuscan and Italian spirit and most of all Siena lifestyle. This page is made to show you my love to all the places and stories that wander around Siena ready to be discovered and brought back to life for locals to be reminded and passengers to learn.

Same as it is the heart of Tuscany, Siena takes a special place in my heart and i feel it’s my duty to, in this way, share and perserve stories that made me feel more local and less tourist more i „lived and breathe“ this place. Siena is an experience opened to all who are eager to learn, live and love.

Enjoy my site and feel more than welcome to send me your thoughts or how i like to call it – love letters to Siena, i’ll make sure to pass it to HER in very short notice 😉

Recent posts

Tuscany 101 : Bruschetta

“A woman who can eat a real bruschetta is a woman you can love and who can love you. Someone who pushes the thing away because it’s messy is never going to cackle at you toothlessly across the living room of your retirement cottage or drag you back from your sixth heart attack by sheer furious affection. Never happen. You need a woman who isn’t afraid of a faceful of olive oil for that.”

Siena living

Have a look at a postcard landscapes in South of Siena
Enjoy the rides through the Chianti area
Torre del Mangia or “Tower of the Eater” is the second tallest tower in Italy(102 meters) and it is situated in the center of Siena
Enjoy your favourite gelato at Piazza Del Campo
A plate of prosciutto with Chianti wine in one of the autenthic Siena restaurants is a perfect way to experience Tuscany
Have a walk or picnic by the beautiful Chianti vineyards

The creator

IMG_7974Ivana Pavlovic

Serbian girl with vagabond soul. MA in International Relations & Cultural Diplomacy with another degree in journalism. Consideres Belgrade and Siena her hometowns and is very respectful for her serbian-russian heritage. Enjoys, what is these days called “content creation” and love creative work. Can travel and eat anytime – anywhere and will try everything once. Thinks the main problem of the world is everyone thinking their opinion is valuable and important and loving the sound of their voices.

Perfect setting – sunrise with fog between hills or pink sunset, picnic basket with frisk beer or wine and lots of local food on the wooden board


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